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Rent Your Birthday Party Photo Booth Today!

photobooth rental dallas txHaving a special birthday party or celebrating an anniversary? Add a photo booth to you event’s entertainment and watch what happens! Photo booths are a great way to bring all of your guests together, and Prop-A-Razzi specializes in making sure that everybody has a good time and gets into the picture. Our birthday party photo booths are open-air, meaning that as many as twenty-five of your guests can get into a single shot. Imagine all of the kids having fun and interacting with older relatives, striking a pose and cracking each other up as they see the shots they’ve taken and running back for more. When you rent a photo booth for your birthday party you’re not only providing a fun activity for the guests, but also giving them a great keepsake to take home to remember the day’s fun. Plus, you get a copy of all of the candid shots that you can enjoy for yourself when the day is done!


A Birthday Party Photo Booth Makes Memories All by Itself

It doesn’t matter whether your birthday party is a celebration for a one-year old or for someone special who’s turning 100. Everybody will love climbing into the booth, playing with the props and taking fun candid shots that capture the spirit and energy of the day. A birthday party photo booth is fun for those who are in the picture and for everybody who is watching them prepare for the shot. You’ll find your guests going back again and again to use different props or to get a shot with a different relative or friend, and our staff of photographers will be there to give them great ideas and make sure that everybody is getting into the act. At Prop-A-Razzi Photo Booths of Dallas, TX, we love to see you and your guests smile, so we interact and engage with your guests to make sure that everybody is having a great time and has a special souvenir from your celebration. We’ll create special backdrops or photo captions to fit the occasion, and if you have specific groups that you want to make sure get a photo together we’ll make that happen too.


A Birthday Party Photo Booth is Fun for Everyone

One of the most wonderful things about renting a booth for your celebration is that it is fun for all ages. Parents of young children will love having the chance to take a carefree family shot, while relatives who’ve traveled from far away will be able to pose with each other and bring home wonderful memories and keepsakes. Birthday party photo booths present the a perfect opportunity to get multi-generational photos of grandparents with grandkids or shots of the entire family in a casual setting. Our staff of photographers will make sure that every detail is taken care of so that you can relax and enjoy your event, then have the pleasure of going through your pictures again and again when the party is over. For more information on how to rent a photo booth for your birthday party or our special pricing, contact us today.



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